Want to Know More About the Truly Rich Club Before Joining?

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I’m thinking that some of you are still not clear on what benefits you will get from joining the Truly Rich Club and that’s okay, I understand that you want to get all the details possible before signing up and start paying the monthly membership fee.  And the benefits of the membership are probably not that clear to you yet, which is why you are still hesitant to sign-up.

One of the many benefits you will get is that you can attend the weekly “Success Live” webinars hosted by the Truly Rich Club and Bro. Bo Sanchez himself.  Every episode of Success Live is powerful and life-changing.  The webinars run every Thursday at 8 PM.

The good news is that, there is one scheduled for tomorrow, August 10, 8PM.  You can enroll for the free webinar here.

Here is what Bo Sanchez has to say about tomorrow’s speaker:

“I want you to imagine a young boy, selling ice buko / ice drop by the streets. Or a kid selling food from one bus to another – just to earn a couple of pesos a day to help his family.

We would see these kids everywhere…such a common sight in our country.

You can just imagine what goes through their heads when they see the latest BMW M-Series with a complete family inside. Kids playing with their brand new toys and enjoying drive-thru food. The whole family singing along in their fun-filled ride.

But these kids along the streets who work day and night to help their families, these kids who have little to eat and have toys made out of trash from the streets, these kids who barely see their families as they embark on a long haul of labor. These kids and you have something in common.


A dream to get out of poverty and provide for their own families.

Tomorrow in my weekly online show Success Live!, I’ll be joined by a person filled with dreams. A person who used to be a “street kid”, selling whatever he can to make a living. A person who faced the battle field of life, armed with an extra-ordinary heart.

He worked as a JANITOR to get the chance to enter college – only to fail and dropout eventually.

His story is a journey about trials, challenges and dreams.

I’d love to say more about his story but I’d rather let you listen to him share his success story, LIVE!

Join me tomorrow, August 10, 2017 at 8:00PM for another powerful episode of “Success LIVE”.”


Again, you can sign-up for the webinar tomorrow, August 10, 8PM (Philippine time) by clicking here.


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