The Philippines is the 10th Fastest Growing Economy in the World!


It seems there is no end to the positive sentiments supporting the Philippine’s economic growth.  In my post last June 21, I mentioned that in 2030, the Philippines will be a very prosperous nation, today’s news from Forbes supports this forecast.

The World Bank’s latest edition of its Global Economic Prospects ranked the Philippines as the 10th fastest growing economy not only in Asia but in the whole world.  The Philippine’s economy is expected to grow anywhere between 6.5 to 7.5%, almost twice the country’s growth.

In a recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Philippines is projected to have the fastest economic growth in Asia for the next two years amid the expected stronger global economic recovery.

The projected growth for the Philippines in 2017 is faster than China’s (6.6%), Vietnam’s (6.5%), Indonesia’s (5.1%), Malaysia’s (4.5%), Thailand’s (3%), Singapore’s (2.2%) as well as Taiwan’s (1.7%).

It looks like the Philippine Economy is headed the right way, truly a rosy future for the country.

The best way to ride on with the Philippines’ growth is through the stock market.  The companies listed in the Philippine stock market will naturally benefit from this prosperity.  We can purchase stocks of these companies, therefore taking advantage of the growth and prosperity that’s coming to the Philippines.




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