The PSEi Starts the Week Right June 19

June 19, 2017 The PSEi started this week on a positive note closing at 7,943.75.  All sectors closed up from Friday’s close.


The index has been hovering around the 8,000 level for the past few weeks and the next question coming to PSEi investor’s minds is if and when the PSEi will finally break the 8,100 mark.

According to COL Financial, the outlook of the Philippine Economy and the stock market is improving relative to the early part of this year due to the following:

  • Improving outlook of the global economy.
  • Increasing likelihood that the domestic tax reform program will be passed.
  • Diminishing headwinds facing numerous sectors locally.

Indeed there are a lot of positive factors pushing the PSEi higher and the future has never been better.

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