Yesterday, November 27, Brother Bo Sanchez gave a free webinar.  In the webinar Brother Bo discussed how to invest in the stock market and how the stock market can make you a millionaire.

Also in the webinar, Brother Bo talked about the 4 rules for investing in the stock market.  Here are the 4 rules:

  1. Invest small amounts for 20 years or more.  Invest at least 20% of your salary.
  2. Invest even when there is a crisis.  This is where your discipline and commitment come in, despite an unforeseen event, make sure you do your regular investment.
  3. Invest only in giants, there are more than 250 companies listed in the Philippine stock market, the Truly Rich Club only invests in the top 20 companies.
  4. Invest in many giants.  This means, you should always diversify.

The replay of the seminar is still available as I write this blog post.  You can view it here.

Brother Bo is also giving away copies of his latest book to everyone who joins the Truly Rich Club until today, November 28.  You can join here.

Join today and let me guide you in your journey to financial freedom.


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