The PSEi continues its decline, still down by 18.08 points or 0.26 percent as of 2:30 today.  As you might all know, the PSEi has already erased all its gains for the year and is really technically down.

As Brother Bo would say, it is during these times that we are jumping and excited to keep investing in the market.  Stocks are selling at a bargain!

Also, according to analysts, the PSEi is technically down but valuations are still very good.  It is the best time to buy.

If you have been following the Strategic Averaging Method of the Truly Rich Club, you will continue investing at regular intervals and consistent amounts.  During these times when the market has gone down considerably, you will be able to buy more stocks with the same monthly allocation you are doing.

In the end, your patience will pay off and will reap rewards for you.

So continue buying with regular amounts and at regular intervals and you will be able to ride out these drastic market drops.

If you haven’t joined the Truly Rich Club yet, you can easily join here

If you join the Truly Rich Club, I assure you, you will not at all be worried during these market drops, rather, you will be excited at the increase of your buying power.  The club will guide you every step of the way, including which exact stocks to buy, sell or hold.

It’s about time to let your money work for you, rather than the opposite of you working for your money.  It’s time to earn some passive income!


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