As of 12:00 noon market recess today the PSEi has gone below 7,000, currently trading at 6.982.97, already down by 198.90 points or 2.77.

The slide follows the trend of most emerging markets in Asia, still being hit by concerns of what the new Trump administration might bring in.

This sounds like a lot of bad news… that’s if you are a stock trader.  For us stock investors, these again are the opportunities we are looking for, another chance to buy excellent companies at very low prices.

This is one big help which Brother Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club gives, as members of this club, we don’t panic in times like these, just the opposite, we are excited that we can buy more shares of companies which are stable, well known and which have excellent growth potentials no matter what the market condition.

Your portfolio now might be mostly red, but just continue buying stocks recommended by the Truly Rich Club, putting in the same regular amounts at regular intervals, and after this dip has ended, you will see your discipline and patience bear fruit.

So there, no need to panic.  Enjoy your weekend and don’t mind your red portfolio, the strategic average method works the best in these times.


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