You might be wondering what are the effects so far of the Trump win as US President yesterday to the Philippine Stock Market.  Yesterday, right after it was confirmed that Trump had already been elected as the 45th President of the United States of America, the PSEi immediately dropped by 2.58% or 188.76 points to 7,119.04.  The whole world was shocked at the US election turnout and it showed in the markets.

Most of the world’s stock markets went down yesterday.  But today, it seems that the stock markets have already adjusted and accepted the Trump win and most are up today.  The PSEi is no exception, it opened up by 113 pts. or 1.59% at 7,232.50 as of 9:30 AM today.

With all the noise already dying down, we should still continue focusing on our regular investments and take advantage of the roller coaster ride we are experiencing in the Philippine Stock Market.


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