We are currently in a roller coaster ride in the Philippine stock market.  There are ups and there are downs, the best thing to do right now is to ride these ups and downs knowing that we will profit when these all end and the ride is over.

In fact, as members of the Truly Rich Club, we would like to see the Philippine stock market still go lower, why? Because when the stock market goes lower, our potential to earn increases as the market goes higher.  Without those dips in the roller coaster ride, our profit potential decreases.

Did you know that investors who follow the peso cost averaging strategy enjoy up to 12% average growth in the stock market? If we have more of those dips and dives in the stock market, that average could still increase.

But since we’re members of the Truly Rich Club, we follow an improved version of Peso cost averaging called SAM or strategic averaging method.  Using this strategy, the Truly Rich Club will tell you exactly when to sell, continue buying or hold a particular stock.  And by following SAM, the Truly Rich Club Members enjoyed up to 17.1% average growth.

The current roller coaster ride is definitely nerve wracking, but thanks to the guidance of the Truly Rich Club, we can be confident in what we are doing and look forward to the time we can enjoy the earnings that came from being patient and disciplined in investing in the stock market.


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