The PSEi closed at 7,227.37 today, ending the week on a positive note, after 9 straight sessions of losses.  The 7,227.37 close translates to a 0.93% gain or 66.46 points.

The positive closing was mainly due to investors purchasing oversold stocks, meaning, prices have become a bargain.  Regional markets still remain jittery due to the US elections coming next week.

All sectors closed on a positive note, led by holding firms, services and mining/oil counters which all rose by over 1 percent.

This volatility in the PSEi is one very good reason to do cost averaging.  You don’t need to know the exact time to buy or sell, just keep on purchasing stocks of excellent companies in regular intervals and regular investment amounts.

If you join the Truly Rich Club, you will get all the guidance to make you a successful stock investor.  They will even tell you exactly when to stop buying, hold or when to sell.

Hope you have a blessed weekend!


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