The PSEi is Currently Below the 8,000 Level


As of 2:10 PM today, the PSEi has gone below the 8,000 level.  All sectors are in the red.

It’s funny how the latest stocks update sent by the Truly Rich Club last July 29 was talking about this “rest” in the stock market.  Brother Bo compared the stock market to a climber.  The climber, after climbing up a mountain for a while has to rest and re-energize before continuing the climb to the top.

It’s the same with the stock market, the PSEi has gone up so quickly the past months that we want it to take a rest.  We want it to take a rest so we can still buy stocks on sale, stocks have become expensive lately but our strategy is still the best, we will continue buying every month and be patient.

In the end, probably after 10, 15 or 20 years, our patience will bear fruit and our investments will help us become millionaires.

It’s these kinds of guidance and hand holding that makes me really appreciate the Truly Rich Club, if I were not a member, I would probably be panicking anytime stocks go down, just like today.  But since I am a member, I am confident that as long as I am patient and continue investing, my investments will bear fruit.

Do you want the same guidance? Join the Truly Rich Club today and enjoy so many other benefits from the club.


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