Sample of the Gains In the Truly Rich Club Recommended Stocks

Just to give you an idea of how the recommended stocks of the Truly Rich club are performing, here is part of the table that tracks the forecasted percentage growth for the recommended stocks.  The dates, estimated return and expected growth numbers are based on actual stocks.  I have just changed the names of the stocks listed below and edited out the price bought, price today, buy below and target price.


These are stocks of a large conglomerate, a realty company and a bank.  As you can see, as long as you have invested regularly in the same stocks you will definitely have a profit.  30.30% estimated gain is excellent! Even the smallest 13.19% gain beats any interest given by banks in regular savings or even time deposits.

Again, aside from the capital appreciation, some companies even give out dividends which you could re-invest to buy more stocks.

With the guidance of Brother Bo and the Truly Rich Club, it is definitely possible to reach a million pesos and more, depending on your patience in investing.


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