Brother Bo’s Maid is Already a Millionaire

Did you know that the maid of Brother Bo Sanchez, the one featured in his book is now a millionaire? Because of the recent rise in the stock market, her investments have gone above the one million peso mark.

Brother Bo is so proud of his maid’s achievement, through his guidance and her discipline of investing each month without fail.  According to Brother Bo, his maid almost always invests her entire Christmas bonus in the stock market.

Brother Bo’s maid has already been promoted to bookkeeper but still does household chores for Brother Bo’s family. 

She’s only 32 years old and has already become a millionaire! As per Brother Bo’s computation, by the time she’s 60, as long as she continues her regular investments, she will have P30 Million, that’s a lot of money to retire with.

I hope this story inspires you to start investing in the stock market if you haven’t started yet, and to continue investing if you have already started.

Happy weekend! Time to take a breather and get refreshed for the next investing week ahead.

To your financial freedom!


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