One of the most common questions about stock investing is how to actually get started investing in stocks.

For me, I started reading books about stocks, what they actually are, how are they tied to a company and how do I actually earn from investing in stocks.  The very first book I read about stocks was Stock Investing for Dummies by Paul Mladjenovic, it’s a very basic book that will give you all the definitions of the words and acronyms most often used in the stock market world.


Once I was comfortable with the whole stock investing concept and the vocabulary that comes with it, I got my copy of the very famous The Intelligent Investor book by Benjamin Graham.  I read this book primarily to know how to value stocks and when to know if they are expensive or on sale.

Next, I read a lot of books on Warren Buffett.  Warren Buffett is my idol when it comes to investing in stocks and valuating stocks, he is definitely one of the most successful stock investors of our time.

Some books I’ve read about Warren Buffet:

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder
The Warren Buffett Way by Robert G. Hagstrom
The Tao of Warren Buffet by Mary Buffett and David Clark

Once I was confident that I knew enough about stocks, I searched for the top online stock brokers in the country, opened an account and finally purchased my very first stock.


At first, I was not aware of the cost averaging strategy so I was sort of trading the stock market.  That was until I stumbled upon the Truly Rich Club of Brother Bo Sanchez.  I was really excited as I got a lot of information on how to invest in the stock market using the cost averaging method, and now after 3 years of investing continuously and patiently, my portfolio is very positive.  I have been through times that all I could see was red in my portfolio, but through the guidance of the Truly Rich Club, I was able to weather those storms and remained confident that my investments would start to grow one day, and which it did, tremendously!

For all the future stock investors out there, you are very lucky, you can go straight to becoming a member of the Truly Rich Club and getting all the guidance you need to realize your road to financial freedom.

So there it is, a brief history of how I got started investing in stocks.  Hope this helps you in your investing journey.


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