Good news to all of us stock investors! The Truly Rich Club of Brother Bo Sanchez is getting a major makeover this coming July 11, 2016.  The Truly Rich Club will now be called Truly Rich Club 2.0.  A lot of new exciting benefits from the club are coming our way.

Here are some of the most notable new features coming with Truly Rich Club 2.0:

  1. Term Life Insurance (P100,000) for members who have been with TRC for one year, or have paid a 1 year membership; You shall also receive…
    • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
    • Family Assistance Benefit
    • Accidental Daily Hospital Income
    • International SOS (iSOS) Travel and Medical Assistance
  2. Newly-improved TRC 2.0 Mobile app with financial calculators
  3. TRC affiliate page with email swipes and banners

New members who will sign-up during the re-launch period (starting July 1) will receive the following gifts:

  1. A paperback copy of Brother Bo’s latest book (ebook for international members).
  2. A chance to have a coffee date with Brother Bo (10 winners).


Now is truly one of the best times to start investing in the stock market.  The Truly Rich Club 2.0 will guide you how to invest in the stock market.  Not only that, the club offers a lot of member benefits which I personally recommend, since this club has really helped me on my way to financial freedom.  Contrary to what some people believe, the stock market is a safe investment, depending on how you invest.  And that is exactly what the Truly Rich Club 2.0 will teach you.

Sign up starting July 1 and get special gifts from the club.  You can sign up here.


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