Duterte’s Eight Point Economic Agenda

Good news for us stock investors, it seems that the incoming Duterte administration has a good plan for the economy which would definitely positively impact the PSEi.

Here is Duterte’s Eight Point Economic Agenda:

1. Continue and maintain the macroeconomic policies of the Aquino government.

2. Accelerate spending on infrastructure by addressing major bottlenecks, and maintain the target of setting aside 5% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) to infrastructure spending.

3. Ensure attractiveness of the Philippines to foreign investors, and enhancing competitiveness in doing business in the country. This also means reducing crime to attract investors, and increase security of businessmen and consumers.

4. Provide support services to small farmers to increase productivity and improve market access. Provide irrigation and better support services to farmers. Promote tourism in the rural areas.

5. Address bottlenecks in our land administration and management system.

6. Strengthen basic education system, and provide scholarships for tertiary education, which are relevant to private employers’ needs.

7. Improve tax system by indexing tax collection to inflation rate, “to enable those who earn a little to have more in their pockets.”

8. Expand and improve implementation of the conditional cash transfer (CCT) program.


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