A Father’s Day Gift Suggestion


As Father’s day approaches this weekend, June 19 to be exact, a lot of you might already be thinking of what would be a great Father’s day gift.  There are a lot of options available, from buying the latest gadgets to car accessories, or probably buy some new clothes for your Dad.  These are fine gifts, but what about giving a gift your Dad probably expected the least.  Why don’t you help your Dad start his investing journey, no matter what age your Dad is, it’s never too late to start investing.

As a Father’s day gift, you can start your Dad’s subscription to the Truly Rich Club, you can start the Gold membership at only P497 a month.  You can pay the first month and have your Dad continue the membership and he gets the following Gold membership benefits:

  1. Power talks 2x a month
  2. Quarterly Success Mentors
  3. Wealth Strategies 2x a month
  4. Daily God Whispers
  5. TRC seminars
  6. Monthly Stocks Update
  7. 3 eBooks
  8. Affiliate income

If your generous enough, why don’t you also start a COL Financial account for your Dad, then he just continues the monthly investments 🙂

You can click here to join the Truly Rich Club, once you are a member, I can guide you with anything regarding stock investing and the Truly Rich Club.


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