PSEi Closes with Another 2016 High

The PSEi closed today at 7,722.79 points, which marks another 2016 record high.  The close is a .16% increase from yesterday’s close of 7,710.54

Image result for stock chart stock images

The good news is that, if you have been investing for years now, your patience is paying off.  Your investments have appreciated substantially.  My recommendation for you is to continue your cost averaging journey and remain patient and regularly put in the same amount even though the PSEi is high.

The bad news is that we are now buying stocks at higher prices, but even so, we will continue with the regular investments.  If you are a member of the Truly Rich Club of Brother Bo Sanchez, if some stocks have already reached their target price, we will be advised to sell or to upgrade the target price.  So again, just be patient and follow the club’s guidance.

These are exciting times indeed!




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