Philippine Celebrities Invest in the Stock Market

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I just read this very interesting article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer that shows how celebrities in the Philippines invest their hard earned money in the stock market. You can read the article here.

The article features 3 celebrities, actor Richard Yap, comedienne Giselle Sanchez and basketball star Cris Tiu.  The 3 featured celebrities have one thing in common, they don’t splurge all of their earnings on clothes, gadgets or on other non income generating assets, but rather spend their money on investments that they could depend on in the future.

Since these celebrities are all in careers that are quite unstable, they don’t know up to when they can earn this amount of money, they are wise enough to invest in their future through buying blue chip stocks.  Investing in blue chip stocks reduces the risk associated with the stock market.

One excellent takeaway from this article is to never panic, according to Cris Tiu, in 2008, during the Wall Street Crisis, his portfolio was cut in half, he never panicked and just stayed invested, true enough, his portfolio doubled after 2 to 3 years.  Indeed patience is a virtue in the stock market.

Brother Bo Sanchez also had similar experiences where his portfolio was cut in half but he continued to purchase stocks of stable companies, and now he is back to positive and enjoying a lot of profits.

By being a member of the TrulyRichClub, I am always guided and updated on what to do with my investment, it makes it easier to ride out the bumps in the stock market cycle and get away safely and profitably.

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