The PSEi Stumbled to 6,791.01 Today

The Philippine stock exchange index fell by 6.7% today, closing at 6,791.01.  This is the index’ worst fall since October 2008 and erasing all of its 2015 gains.

Why am I not sad and panicking that my portfolio is now in the red? Because I am well guided by the TrulyRichClub.  They have updates and guidance on what to do in any direction the stock market is going to.  If stocks are going up and have reached their forecasted potential, the TrulyRichClub will tell you exactly when to sell and what to do with the money you get from the sale.  If the stock market goes down just like what’s happening now, the TrulyRichClub will also have clear cut steps which you can follow confidently, knowing that there is no need to panic.

This is the advantage we have as investors, we continue to follow our structured cost averaging program and never panic.  In fact these are happy times for us, we can buy our excellent companies at sale prices.

We might be losing on paper, but as long as we have the patience and discipline to invest regularly we will come out millionaires in the end.


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