What are the benefits of joining the Truly Rich Club?

Join the Truly Rich Club

What are the benefits of joining the Truly Rich Club?

Aside from the guidance in investing in stocks, Brother Bo’s Truly Rich Club offers a lot more benefits for members:

  1. You can download a lot of Brother Bo’s eBooks.
  2. Wealth strategies, this is where you will learn other businesses and money management techniques then learn what is right for you.
  3. Powertalks – Twice a month.  Very interesting talks which Brother Bo conducted previously, also includes Brother Bo’s friends who are experts in spirituality, entrepreneurship, investing and businesses.
  4. Success Mentors – Learn from business and investing gurus like Edward Lee (COL Financial) and Larry Gamboa (Real estate guru).
  5. Membership in the social media website of the Truly Rich Club where you can interact with other members and learn from each other.
  6. Receive Daily God Whispers through email.
  7. Receive Brother Bo’s stock investing book, “My Maid Invests In The Stock Market…And Why You Should Too”

And of course you will get the following guidance in investing in stocks:

  1. The latest SAM table, where you will know which stocks you can buy, sell or just hold.
  2. Stocks update, monthly update on how the recommended stocks are doing and what’s behind the club’s recommendation to buy these stocks.
  3. You will get step by step instructions on how to open an account with COL Financial, how to buy stocks, how to fund your COL account, how to sell stocks and how to withdraw from COL financial.

Here’s to your first step to financial independence!

You can join the Truly Rich Club anytime at http://tinyurl.com/q2y5gfx


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